Lobby Slides

Looking for information on how to add a lobby slide into my webinar. Thanks!

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Lisa, I may not be understanding your question correctly but what we do is simply add a slide in front of the first slide of the presentation and leave it up until the second before we hit START - and then we click to the first slide and so the “lobby” slide is not included in the on-demand recording.

I have started using a custom video in the lobby that plays with music and information about the webinar with feedback from previous webinars.


That’s good to hear. I came on here today to see if anyone had done this exact thing. Has it worked ok? Did you have the video on loop in someway? Did you simply set the first slide as the video? (Which I see its suggests not to do, because obviously it would effect the Lobby. But in your situation thats exactly what you want).

If I wanted audio (i.e. not just music) to work with the video, would you anticipate that to be difficult/possible?

If the first slide is the video, was the transition into the 2nd slide smooth, once the Webinar went live?

Sorry, a lot of questions!


Sorry for the late reply Matt, busy with webinars would you believe. What I do is create short video animations with graphics (see example)

This video is uploaded via the console builder and will start playing automatically once it hits 15 mins prior to the webinar start time. It will play on loop until the webinar starts. Hope this makes sense?


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Yes, thanks Guy. Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the inspiration.

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I love this @guy.dunn mind if I steal this idea from you?! :blush:

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Hi Sanne, thanks. Yes steal away, only thing I would say is it’s a bit of a pain changing and re-rendering the video for new presenter images, so I will make a more generic one at some point. But it certainly beats the default classical music lol.

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Thanks @guy.dunn I was already thinking about something like that. Especially since I don’t have the time & expertise / people to have a new video for each webinar :frowning:

@guy.dunn Do you do this only on live webinars or have you successfully done it with simulive (w/o changing the start time to 15 minutes earlier)? We only run simulive (video only) webinars and wondering if there is a different way we can try doing it.